Hattie Mark

Senior Project Manager

Hattie joined Mad Dog 2020 in 2012 as a Casting Assistant and has progressed over the years to her new position of Senior Project Manager.

Over the years, Hattie has worked on a multitude of projects on her time here and has cast for a huge variety of roles, from 16th-centruty soldiers, to naked pole-dancer and tattooed men in bath tubs. She’s worked on numerous projects over TV and film. Some of her favourites include “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”, “Allied”, “Legend”, “Will” and “Silent Witness.

Hattie is eagerly anticipating the day she is asked to cast a double for Leonardo DiCaprio, but in the meantime enjoys passing away her time watching horror films, visiting Flower Markets and following every instagram account ever made for the appreciation of sausage dogs.