What makes a great Christmas advert? One that makes you cry? Laugh? Champions a good cause? Part with all your money?

From parodies to parties, brands often go all out for their festive commercial offerings and the adverts are being released earlier and earlier each year. Once Halloween is over – *BAM* it’s Christmas but with shoppers making the most of November’s Black Friday deals for Christmas shopping, brands are having to get their adverts out ASAP. In 2017, December UK retail sales fell by 1.5%, compared to November so adverts are now out well before any of us are mentally prepared for the onslaught of festive cheer.

There are those we wait for with eager anticipation (John Lewis), classics that truly kick off the holiday season (Coca Cola) and each year, a curve ball that join’s the ranks of those we then look out for each year (this year’s banned Iceland ad.) Budgets grow and creative’s base their whole concept last minute around satirical responses to other brand’s (Lidl) adverts. Whatever it takes, brands are working harder than ever to get your attention and raise brand awareness.

We’re pleased to have had lots of great Mad Dog 2020 faces in many of 2018’s Christmas adverts, catch a few below:


The Range


Sky Cinema

John Lewis

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