In 2013 the word ‘selfie’ was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, today we ask that you add it to your Mad Dog profile!

We encourage you to have a variety of photos on your profile, such as your Mad Dog taken photos, any professional photos, photos of yourself in any costumes/uniforms you may have and selfies.

So why the emphasis on selfies?

Alongside our photos, Clients often request up to date, candid photos in the form of selfies, to get an accurate idea of the person they are booking. By keeping your selfie up to date on your profile, it enables us to send these to clients faster, increasing your chances of getting booked. We suggest even if your look doesn’t change drastically, uploading a new selfie everything 6 months. If you do change your look a lot, upload a selfie each time so we know your current look when putting you forward for jobs.

Uploading your selfie has never been easier with our new Mad Dog Extras app (available on iOS and Android). Simply take a selfie on your mobile device and directly upload it to your photo gallery.

Clients request selfies for all kinds of reasons, recent examples include briefs for intensely blue eyes, designer facial hair and ‘alternative’ hairstyles.

A guide to taking the perfect selfie:

  • Keep your selfie up to date i.e. if you change your hair style/color
  • Good lighting
  • Make sure your background isn’t too busy
  • Just of yourself
  • No sunglasses or hats
  • No filters
  • Candid – no heavy makeup or duck pouts
  • No mirror selfies
  • Just your face, shoulders and above
  • Just taken on your phone is fine, a selfie is a head shot you take yourself, not a professional head shot.
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