TV Characters have a huge impact on their audience who invest hours living in their pockets watching their lives unfold on screen. Iconic TV relationships come in many forms, be it comedy duos, presenting partnerships, romantic relationships, or family bonds. ‘You can’t have one without the other’ comes to mind for many of our favourite on-screen duos. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, our team started talking about our favourite TV couples and why they hold a place in our hearts.

Hannah: Matthew and Diana

A Discovery of Witches is one of my favourite series to work on and watch. I love the dynamic between Matthew and Diana. She is strong and independent and will do what she feels is right, rather than what she is supposed to do. Matthew lets ger get on with it and loves her even more for it.

Niyoni: Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam from The US Office are one of my all-time favourite TV couples. They are absolute relationship goals! They prank together and laugh together, are best friends and each other’s biggest fan!

Jess: Randall and Beth

Randall and Beth from This is Us are one of my favourite TV couples of all time. They are both so accepting and supportive of each other’s brilliance and flaws and I love how firm Beth learns to be in order to help Randall.

Jade: David and Patrick

David and Patrick from Schitts Creek are the ultimate couple – especially the open mic scene. The cherry on top for me is when Moira is totally immersed in seeing someone serenade her son and just take his breath away. They both have insecurities which they slowly start to claim as they fall more and more in love…I love them!

Amy: Tommy and Polly

Peaky Blinders Tommy and Polly are the perfect example of two family members that stick together no matter how much they sometimes fight. Polly is the only person Tommy really listens to, so he respects and trusts her more than anyone. They are both fearless leaders who take charge and work together to run the family unit and businesses as a team.

Morgan: Rick and Morty

Couples can be family too and this pair is not your conventional “couple”. Rick spends his life teaching his grandson about the universe, disguising valuable life lessons as terrifying adventures. But all ends well because they always have each other’s backs.

Abi: Ru Paul and Michelle Visage

Ru and Michelle have been real-life best friends for years, but on Ru Paul’s Drag race, their partnership is second to none. They complete each other’s sentences, crack hilarious jokes and the show wouldn’t be the same without this partnership.

Maryfrances: Ritchie and Ash

Ritchie and Ash from It’s a Sin have a beautiful relationship! Ritchie is such a vibrant character, complemented by Ash who is very chilled. They contrast so well on screen and it’s really good for their relationship. Then when things change, they switch places, but they support each other until the very end.

Arron: Ruby and Stan

Ruby and Stan from Good Girls are one of my favourite TV couples, if not my ultimate choice. Their love for each other and their family means they stick together through thick and thin, despite Stan not agreeing with Ruby’s illegal activities.

Hattie: Otis and Eric

From the first episode of Sex Education we’re introduced to Otis and Eric’s strong bond, they’re so different but complement each other so well. Otis leans on Eric to help him overcome his social fears and in turn, he strikes a deal with Eric’s bully to ensure he leaves him alone. Their friendship means a lot to each other and the characters mean a lot to audiences too.


Jill: Ross and Rachel

I’ve got lots of favourites, but the ultimate couple has to be Ross and Rachel from Friends. I remember watching it for the first time with my family every week, anticipating how it would end with Ross and Rachel. Friends is something you can watch from any point in the episode or series and enjoy with your whole family. The narrative of their attraction to one another was spread across the whole 10 series of the show! They are a classic TV couple.

Alia: The Doctor and their companions

I love watching new relationships unfold in Doctor Who. Whenever we meet a new companion, we see them become so attached to The Doctor and literally put their life in The Doctor’s hands. My favourite pairing has to be The Doctor and Rose!

Who is your ultimate couple?

From Location’s Kirstie and Phil to the iconic Homer and Marge, there are so many memorable TV couples that have captured hearts throughout decades of terrific television. Who is your favourite TV couple of all time?

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