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The Global Climate Strike has officially begun today, with environmental Activist Greta Thunberg leading the way. As people gather across a range of countries, advocating the dangers of environmental damage, Mad Dog 2020 reflect on how we are helping to support the cause. Here are a few of the ways we are trying to be more sustainable and they start right here, in our regional offices:

· We’ve banned the use of single-use coffee cups and water bottles in our offices – we’re big fans of KeepCup and Chilly’s Bottles.

· ‘As Paperless as Possible’ is a big motto for us – we’re reducing the amount of printing and paper wasting as much as possible. Did you know that there are digital sticky notes on your computer?

· Our paperless chit system has dramatically cut the use of paper on set and now, signing your chit is easier than ever with our online Chits App.

Film & TV productions are also ‘going green’ in a bid to make the industry more sustainable. Addressing these environmental issues has been encouraged by Green Screen; an online tool supporting environmentally-friendly filming in London. The platform enables productions to do their bit for sustainability, providing them with an action plan to implement and achieve their goals. You can read more about Green Screen here. We love that productions are embracing sustainability and minimising waste – and you can too!

Here are our top tips for going green on set:

· Take your reusable water bottle or coffee cup to set

· Look out for designated recycling bins on location

· Try to avoid single-use containers. Most productions offer reusable plates that you can return to be washed and re-used.

· Use the Mad Dog 2020 Facebook carpool group and car-share with other artists to lower your carbon footprint – it will reduce your travel costs too! Click here to visit the Carpool group

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