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The past 18 months have been an exciting time for Mad Dog 2020, having achieved accreditation through the British Standards Institute for ISO 9001; for our quality management, as well as ISO 27001; for our data management.

Mad Dog 2020 were conscious that the business of supplying extras, and as a result the extras themselves are not always been treated as one, which is a professional undertaking. Many of the changes which Mad Dog 2020 has been making are aimed to build not only their reputation but that of the industry.

Mad Dog 2020 have focused on reviewing and upgrading its systems and processes over the last two years and wanted to independently verify that these were robust and that the people that we work with were properly protected. With the ongoing developments in information technology and need to protect data, both for individuals and for business customers the challenge of going through ISO accreditation was something the business relished.

Introducing external accreditation has helped Mad Dog 2020 focus on a programme of ongoing improvement. A dynamic feedback system used by the whole team means that new areas for improvement and development are being identified all the time. At any one time the team at Mad Dog 2020 are working on around 5 improvement projects. The management of large numbers of people across the UK to appear in many locations and productions relies on good systems, communications and information.

The attention to detail which any production team brings to any new TV series, Film or Commercial is mirrored by the capability at Mad Dog 2020 to ensure that the supporting artists required are on set at the right time and the productions have accurate information at the time they need it. External accreditation provides additional reassurance that the systems of the business are not only fit for purpose but are continually developing and improving.

ISO 27001, focusing on our data management is particularly critical to Mad Dog 2020, which holds a large amount of data to be able to search, communicate with and pay its supporting artists on behalf of productions. Data is managed and protected to ensure that it is secure.

Mad Dog 2020 has invested in achieving both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accreditation’s; the investment is in terms of time, as well as funds for auditors and external advisors, to ensure that the implemented systems and processes work and are well tested. The rigour required means that the whole team at Mad Dog 2020 had to be committed and involved in the process.

Mad Dog 2020 were proud to learn that, according to the British Standards Institute, Mad Dog 2020 are the first and only company within the UK Film and Television Industry to hold accreditation in ISO 9001 and ISO 27001; an investment well worth making.

In the latest video, Mad Dog 2020’s CEO, Graham Beswick, discusses the decision to become accredited, and the investment made.

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