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Working hard to compete with some of the larger American titles, the UK production industry is booming. With a total spend on film and TV production in the UK hitting a record high in 2016, it’s hardly surprising to see productions filmed in the UK, and using UK crews, making their way into the box office’s 2016 top earners.

As films such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them stand proudly at the top of 2016’s UK best performing titles, we see the reputation of UK film and TV production going from strength to strength and a demonstrable high demand held for UK crews and production services.

Here at Mad Dog 2020, we are increasingly receiving briefs for large productions, such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Our portfolio of large film, TV and commercial projects is diverse, and rapidly expanding.

From films including Tarzan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Skyfall and other James Bond titles, to commercials including the likes of Burberry, Trainline and Sunbet, our Project Managers are all too familiar with handling a large-scale brief.

One of the most recent productions of this size that our team have worked on is Will, which has proven to be an incredible project. Released on 10 July from TNT, this drama is about the lost years of William Shakespeare when theatre was like rock and roll. The edgy look required for this great new drama on a large scale was a great challenge for the team at Mad Dog 2020.

Featuring an array of punks with Mohicans, tattoos and piercings, Will stands out from the many period dramas that have recently hit our screens, and looks set to be a fantastic production upon its anticipated release.

Shot in Bridgend, Wales, the creation of Will allowed Mad Dog 2020 to get involved with the local people of Cardiff and nearby areas.

It has been fantastic to witness such great productions coming out of the UK; not only from London, but across the North of England, Scotland and Wales.

In the latest video, Senior Project Manager, Hattie Mark, discusses in further detail how Mad Dog 2020 handle large projects.


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