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With the film industry booming and productions fast growing in size, extras casting agencies are witnessing a greater demand for talented background artists.

Mad Dog 2020 have worked on a diverse portfolio of large films, including this year’s Fantastic Beasts, (due out this November), King Arthur Legend of the Stone (due out in 2017), The Legend of Tarzan, Far From the Madding Crowd, and Skyfall. Mad Dog 2020 have also worked on many classic films and comedies including Pride, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. And a whole host of up and coming films, including London Town, Allied, Personal Shopper, and many more.

Mad Dog 2020 become involved in the production, as soon as the second Assistant Director, Line Producer or the Production Manager come onboard. At this stage, they will present our Casting Executives with a full breakdown of the production, and a brief detailing the quantity of film extras required, as well as the look that they wish to create. Mad Dog 2020 expertise is in casting the right people so that the production looks completely authentic.

Each film brief varies, depending on the type of film, the production’s requirements, and the length of the shoot, however briefs for larger productions will often consist of a range of different and slightly out of the ordinary looks, which can prove difficult to find.

Mad Dog 2020 will start looking for the right people for the film from their book of registered artists. Sometimes the requirement is so specific in terms of looks, skills or geography that Mad Dog 2020 bring in the people needed through outreach, working closely with the production team on casting if a large number of people need to be found for a specific location.

Past briefs have included a large choir who sing in Russian, some 300 Chinese people for a crowd scene and people with traditional baking and butchery skills and body doubles for Hollywood stars including Nicole Kidman. For costumed films each supporting artist has to be the correct size for the costume department to be able to fit them. Sometimes people are just needed for background crowds but often there is a degree of acting and all the supporting artists will be able to follow direction. If a high degree of acting is required, Mad Dog 2020 will ensure that the artists selected are able to act and have previous experience.

Having found a portfolio of background artists appropriate for the production, our Casting Executives work hard to ensure that all extras are on set, and on time. Mad Dog 2020 will ensure that all shoot details are sent out to our film extras in advance of the shoot, and that all artists understand their role in the production.

The logistics of gathering all artists in one place can be challenging when working on larger briefs, so for the duration of the shoot, Mad Dog 2020 will work to maintain the organisation, communication and punctuality of all artists provided. For a number of the larger films in Mad Dog 2020’s diverse portfolio, a film shoot can take as long as 9 months until completion.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Final Trailer: Warner Bros. UK


Mad Dog 2020 offer a vast and diverse library of artists for film, television and commercials. With artists from all walks of life and communities, Mad Dog 2020 are committed to finding the perfect face(s) for you.

If we don’t already have the ideal extra for you on our books, our team of experienced Casting Executives will outsource talented artists to fit your brief, no matter how obscure or challenging.

Contact Mad Dog 2020 on 0207 269 7910, or get in touch via our contact page, for assistance with casting extras for film, television and commercials.

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