mad dog casting valentines commercial

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while for some the annual event is a challenge to come up with the most engaging content to capture the hearts of consumers, for many, it’s simply the most romantic day of the year.

Valentine’s is a great opportunity for those in marketing to get really creative, with many major brands already having their marketing in place. To get you feeling loved up, here at Mad Dog 2020, we’ve chosen our favourite romantic commercials of all time.

Chanel No.5: The Film

Directed by Baz Luhrmann, Australian filmmaker, Chanel No.5: The Film features the disappearance of a celebrity who runs away with the only man who does not know who she is. Played by Nicole Kidman, the star returns to her red-carpet lifestyle following a love affair on the roof a New York building bearing a large Chanel sign. The Film cost a reported $42m to produce.

Tesco ‘Basket Dating’

Here at Mad Dog 2020, we still love Tesco’s 2016 Valentines offering, in which we really enjoyed finding the participants for. ‘Basket Dating’ draws topicality from current and popular dating shows, providing a great talking point for our next visit to the supermarket.

Thinkbox: Harvey & Harmony

Demonstrating the growing trend of animals cast as main characters across film, television and commercials, Thinkbox’s Harvey & Harmony documents the romance of Harvey the dog and a poodle named Harmony, as Harvey attempts to persuade his owner to allow the love of his life to come to live with them.

This year, Mad Dog 2020 have supplied extras for Groupon’s Celebrate Love All Ways’ Valentines Ad , as well as a number of walk-on’s and background artists for the ASDA’s ‘Share more love this Valentine’s Day commercial.

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