After a rather unpredictable past few weeks with the election, we’ve been reflecting on our experience of politics in film. From period politicians to wizarding counsels – we’ve supplied cabinets to many films and TV shows such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them, Channel 4’s Secret State and upcoming films such as Darkest Hour and The Favourite. Whether you’re looking for a Winston Churchill body double or 50 back benchers, Mad Dog 2020 has faces to support all projects of any size.

The election has brought some changes to the makeup of parliament, there are now a record 208 women MP’s and we’ve got some great female faces to add to any political drama.

Post-election, if you are looking for your cabinet, House of Commons or House of Lords we can provide all the people you need.

In the office, we’ve been discussing our favourite political films and tv shows. See what made the Mad Dog 2020 team list:

House of Cards

A Netflix favourite, this series has some chilling comparisons with current US politics. The characters you love to hate – Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright deliver stellar performances in this addictive series.


Some comic relief in this hilarious political comedy series is a welcome distraction to the often, difficult reality of politics.

The Iron Lady

A fantastic, strong female lead from everyone’s favourite, Meryl Streep makes this film a political triumph and saw her pick up the Academy award, BAFTA and Golden Globe for Best Actress.

Wolf Hall

To politics of older days, this costume drama is a visual feast, as well as highlighting how politics has…and hasn’t changed! Look out for some Mad Dog 2020 faces in the background.


This British-American film explores a very well-known story and takes viewers behind the scenes of those famous interviews between the broadcaster and former president. It reunites the actors that delivered the same roles on both the West end and Broadway, Michael Sheen and Frank Langella. Sheen can soon be seen again in the recently wrapped ‘Apostle’ original series on Netflix, filmed in South Wales and featuring some great Mad Dog 2020 artists.

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