With Sunday’s EE BAFTA Awards on the (very close) horizon, we’ve all been rushing to the cinema to consume all the great films that have been nominated at this year’s awards. We’ll be tuning in to BBC One at 21:00pm on Sunday to see who comes out on top. Have a read of our team’s thoughts on this year’s nominees:

Rebecca – ‘Star is Born’

“I have to admit I was sceptical about Bradley Cooper as a Director and went in with relatively low expectations, even though I am a HUGE Lady Gaga fan. How surprised I was when the film blew me away! I cried and sang (I loved the song ‘Shallow’ having listened before seeing the film) and give the film 10 out of 10. I’ve recommended it to everyone, and we’ve had the soundtrack on a loop in the office!”

Hannah – ‘Roma’

“Without any spoilers, there is a particular scene that I think is one of the main reasons it has been so lauded and nominated. The black and white cinematography is in keeping with Alfonso Cuarón’s usual stylistic approach, but it is quite ‘arthouse’ so I’m not sure it would be for everyone. First time actress Yalitza Aparicio is phenomenal and very deserving of all her nominations.”

Anna – ‘BlacKkKlansman’

“I would watch Adam Driver do infomercials, so I was straight to the cinema to see this. Spike Lee’s 2018 film is a great story but unfortunately highlights how society hasn’t progressed as far as we might think since the 1970s. Based on true events, it is a pretty off the wall look at the story of the first African-American detective in Colorado Spring’s police department.  I’m not surprised it has received so many nominations and think it is an important film to watch in these divided times.”

Jess – ‘The Favourite’

“The fantastic cast (and equally fantastic Mad Dog 2020 faces) did not disappoint in this wacky period drama. I didn’t really know anything about Queen Anne’s reign and to be honest, I’m not sure I’m any the wiser with this film’s interpretation! Yorgos Lanthimos has a history of unusual films and this is no different, though in my opinion the ending did fall a bit flat…Olivia Coleman is deservedly so a hot contender for Best Actress and other departments such as costume have certainly earned their nominations.”

Jade – ‘Mary Queen of Scots’

“The outrageous patriarchy in this film is infuriating and that is probably one of the most accurate parts of it! Blatant symbolism runs through out which might be a bit much for some film goers, especially history buffs like myself. Margot Robbie’s transformation is just that and the costume design is really stunning.”

Arron – ‘Free Solo’

“Watching the journey of a man fulfil his dream and make so many sacrifices to pursue it was truly inspiring. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone, it has you on the edge of your seat and really covers the intensity and impact on Alex Honnold’s life in his pursuit to be the first person to climb Yosemite’s El Captain Wall without ropes or safety gear.”

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