In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’ve put together a round up of some memorable on-screen mothers, from the magical to the inspirational and down right hilarious, read on for some of our favourites:

Leigh Anne Tuohy – ‘The Blind Side’

Sandra Bullock’s Academy Award winning turn as real life, golden hearted Mum, Leigh Anne Tuohy is equal parts inspirational and unusual. As the head of a privileged Christian family from the deep south, the story follows Tuohy’s commitment to helping a struggling, homeless teenager to reach what turns out to be extraordinary potential. Her strong will and determination in the face of adversity is all too rare in society both onscreen and off screen. Maternal instincts in abundance, Bullocks performance is outstanding and emotional, making her one of our favourite on-screen Mums.

Erin Brockovich – ‘Erin Brockovich’

An amazing woman in her own right, let alone as a single mother, Julia Roberts famously forgot to thank the real Erin Brockovich in her Oscar acceptance speech. The film is reportedly 99% accurate of the real events around one of the biggest class action lawsuits in American legal history. A struggling, unemployed mother, determined to get a job inadvertently ends up leading point on a legal case against a multi-billion dollar corporation, with no legal background – talk about inspiring!

Lorelai Gilmore – ‘Gilmore Girls’

One half of one of the most iconic on-screen mother daughter duos, Lorelai Gilmore’s witty repartee and dealings with small town politics made her a TV character staple from 2000 – 2007. A teen pregnancy and determination to be independent and raise her child, on paper ‘Gilmore Girls’ might read like a story of struggle but it is in fact an uplifting portrayal of a strong mother moving through the highs and lows of life. If you need a new TV series to binge and enjoy fast paced dialogue – look no further!

Molly Weasley – ‘Harry Potter’

Played by national treasure, Dame Julie Walters, this character is a treasure herself from one of the most beloved franchises in history. The mother Harry Potter never had, even when she is screaming at Ron through a howler, you can’t help but love The Weasley family’s mother. Julie Walters has played a witch twice and plays the mother of two of her Weasley sons in two other films. Loving but stern, we think anyone would be happy to call Molly Weasley their mother.

Mrs George – ‘Mean Girls’

In her own words “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” Amy Poehler portrays this hilarious character in the cult classic ‘Mean Girls’ which has an abundance of quotable lines, many from the plastic’s leader Regina George’s mom. Recently parodied in an Arian Grande music video, the 2004 film is as popular now as it was on release.

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