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We write to inform and reassure you about the precautions Mad Dog 2020 is taking to guard against the Coronavirus outbreak.

Although there have been very few confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the UK, we are monitoring the situation and following the advice of Public Health England (PHE) and the NHS. The PHE website is an excellent source of reliable information and can be accessed here.

Based on the current evidence from PHE there is no immediate cause for concern. However, we have taken the following precautions to minimise risk:

  • We are not accepting any visitors and wish to not put artists on set from affected areas until the outbreak is contained unless they have been quarantined. 
  • We are briefing key staff on the signs and symptoms of the Novel Coronavirus

We have been advised to urge you not to travel to mainland China, affected parts of Thailand, South Korea, Italy, or Iran or any other areas that become affected as this will change regularly; this is in line with the latest advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (which can be found here). We ask all artists who intend to travel to/from any affected areas or have direct contact with anyone from a Coronavirus affected area to refrain from accepting availability requests for a period of time in order to prevent the potential spread of the virus. Clearly we will need to assess risk on a case by case basis and so providing the information requested below is important.

Please contact us through the App if any of the following applies:

  • If you or your family or close friends or clients have had close contact with anyone who has been in China, affected parts of Thailand, South Korea, Italy, or Iran,  or other affected areas in the past 4 weeks.
  • If you or your family intend to travel to China, affected parts of Thailand, South Korea, Italy, or Iran or other affected areas between in the next few months.
  • If you or your family are scheduled to have contact with anyone from the affected areas in the next few months – until a global “all clear” is announced publicly.

The welfare and wellbeing of all our artists, their families and our production clients remain our priority and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please do not accept availability requests if you have been to a Coronavirus-infected area in the last four weeks or have been in contact with the virus.

Many Thanks,
Mad Dog 2020 Casting

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