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Mad Dog 2020’s Project Managers are experienced in working across a range of film, TV and commercials.

With such a diverse portfolio, ranging from films including award winning Notes On Blindness, Pride and Their Finest Hour to larger productions such as Trainspotting, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Legend of Tarzan and Skyfall, no two days are the same here at Mad Dog 2020. We asked our Project Managers which projects they most enjoy working on. Films, TV productions and commercials all have their own challenges, timescales, and scale, but each requires the same attention to detail whether it is a crowd of 1000 or a single featured artist appearing in a commercial.

 ‘The projects I enjoy working on most tend to be the film projects. These have longer schedules and they can be a lot harder to work on, but they are more satisfying. At the end, you’ve worked on a whole project from beginning to end and you get to see it either in the cinema or at a screening.’

Ellie Scouller. Project Manager

 ‘I think my favourite kind of projects to work on would be commercials. They tend to come out faster than TV and film and quite often you’ll be casting for featured roles. Each time the commercial comes on the TV, you can think ‘I was part of that’. So, I think commercials, because they play again and again’

Anna Sullivan, Project Manager

‘The kind of projects that I enjoy working on vary. I love working on something that’s a little bit different from what we usually do. I’ve just finished working on a really big production which has been filming in Wales, where we have been casting extras for the roles of punks, people in mosh pits and things like that, but they’re wearing period costumes. It’s a clash of period drama and modern day. I love doing something that’s different like that, where you can get stuck into the characters and what people really look like’

Hattie Mark, Senior Project Manager

‘I enjoy working on projects that engage large groups of people. I really love working with different people from different backgrounds. I recently worked on Trainspotting, where I had to go home to my home town, gather up all the locals and meet people from my childhood, and we then got to process all these different kinds of people and faces and backgrounds and put them forward to Danny Boyle to select from. It’s a huge management process and a pretty hectic day but it’s worth it.’

Natalie Allison. Project Manager

Watch the video as our Mad Dog 2020 Project Managers discuss their favourite briefs and why.

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