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If you haven’t heard about this hit Netflix series, where have you been?! Everyone is talking about Sex Education and luckily for fans, it’s back with series 2 – with all episodes available to stream on Netflix from today!  The much-loved first series was streamed by over 40 million people and according to Netflix, was the UK’s 4th most-watched new release of 2019 as well as being the 8th most-viewed series in the US. 

The Juicy Details

Series one followed the life of socially awkward teen, Otis whose Mum is a sex therapist. After some persuasion from classmate Maeve, they set up their own sex clinic in school as a way of making money – making for some hilarious one-liners and rather entertaining scenes!

The show has the buzz and popularity of an American high school drama, featuring sharp wit, endearing characters and some risqué subject matters.  Writer Laurie Nunn called the series a tribute to the Eighties films of John Hughes, such a Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club.  The students live in a modern society but with a nod to American, throwback nostalgia – with emphasis on the 80’s and 90’s soundtrack, costume and set design.  Fans call the show a masterpiece. 

Casting Sex Education 2

Senior Project Manager Hattie Mark cast the Supporting Artists on Sex Education, working very closely with the production team and Artists each day:

“Sex Education is such an amazing series to be a part of!  I loved working the with fantastic crew, but most of all our incredible Supporting Artists, who were so dedicated – from getting up for incredibly early call times, to driving long distances to get involved.  It was great to see that the production team were really keen to consider our Artists for bigger parts too, which means a number of our Mad Dog 2020 Artists were given speaking and featured roles (with some pretty risqué lines, which had us in stitches in the office!).  One of our Artists from Series 1 was even given a cast part!  I can’t wait to see everything come together on screen – here’s to season 3!”

Made in Wales

Both series were filmed primarily in South Wales. From Llandogo to Penarth, production pride themselves on using un-seen locations that you won’t see on another show. Sex Ed’s Moordale High is filmed at the Caerleon Campus on the outskirts of Newport, an old university building that had been vacant since 2016, but after it was spotted by the production team, it’s now become the staple set on the show.

Behind the Scenes with Our Artists

“It was fantastic – the most fun I’ve ever had!  All SA’s were amazing and the crew were so incredible.  My favourite thing was filming the simulated sex scene with my partner – It was just hilarious and so much fun – We had the best Director too.  I did lots on set this season and met some awesome new people.  Season 1 was my first experience and I loved this job so much.  Thank you so much for allowing me to do Sex Education – it really is the best job and I hope there will be a season 3!” – Waide, Featured Artist

“Every day was exciting, the atmosphere was always positive and it never felt stressful.  My favourite part was meeting all the other actors and crew,  I’ve mad a lot of goo friends i’ll keep in contact with!” – Darcy, Supporting Artist

“It’s one of the best experiences I’ve had, especially as it was my first time on set.  All the cast and crew were lovely and welcoming.  It’s one of the best things I’ve done and I am so glad I joined Mad Dog 2020 to be able to get these opportunities” – Maya, Supporting Artist

“I got the meet a lot of good friends whom I still speak to today.  My favourite thing? Seeing how a scene can be put together by a very talented team.  This was the best Supporting Artist job I’ve ever had!” – Oliver, Supporting Artist & body double

“The best experience of my filming career so far – I got to know everyone, ate A LOT and played card games in the green room with the other SA’s – who I will be friends with for life!  This wasn’t my first SA job, but it was the BEST” – Ruby, Featured Artist with small acting roles

“My favourite thing was the people, the cast and crew made us feel so welcome – like we were one of them.  The respect we were given as SA’s was some of the best treatment I’ve ever had (on set). I did lots of walking and background but was lucky enough to have my own scene and lines with Gillian Anderson!” – Georgia, Supporting Artist

“The cast and crew were the nicest, sweetest people.  I got the opportunity to play a little part called Quentin which I will be forever grateful for – Every day was varied which made it so fun” – Conor, Featured Artist with small acting roles

Let the Binge-Watching commence!

Sex Education is a rare gem that offers reality, hilarity and good old-fashioned entertainment, stealing viewers hearts with the character’s crafty one-liners and relatable story lines.  Mad Dog 2020 have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this production and we can’t wait to see the final cut! The highly anticipated second series is available to stream right now, on Netflix.


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