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Avoid the horrors of shocking casting and bring the scare factor to your Halloween commercial with Mad Dog 2020. Whether you are looking for Zombies, Mummies, ghosts or ghouls, our diverse book can offer a variety of faces to make your advert a scream.

Many of our professional artists, have their own selection of costumes and a variety of skills including voice over work, hand modelling and acting, bringing (the dead back to) life to a seasonal commercial such as Halloween. Our artists are well acquainted with the afterlife having played dead, and  dying artists in many, sometime gruesome historical dramas including Wolf Hall, Da Vinci’s Demons, and current series Gunpowder.

Mad Dog 2020 provided background artists to the Giff Gaff Halloween 2017 epic which follows Lucy on her quest to find her boyfriend in the middle of a busy nightclub. The evening’s fun soon takes a dark turn when she becomes disoriented, unable to communicate and lost in a never-ending corridor. Lucy then finds herself in a surreal space where her boyfriend and friends are in the process of what looks to be an alien cloning experiment. She has to make a choice – stay or go – which is Giffgaff’s core proposition. For Giff Gaff we sourced artists who could bring their own costumes. The crowds in the commercial create a great atmosphere and backdrop for this, now annual Giff Gaff tradition.

With the most diverse book of crowds, professional photographs for each artist, jobbing actors, recent selfies available, and reliable, professional extras based around the UK, Mad Dog 2020 can help you source all the people you need for your next ad. This is a recent selection of those we have been involved in:





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