The Tale of Thomas Burberry Christmas Commercial

We are in peak season for production of Christmas Adverts, fake snow is everywhere and brands are seeking to secure the most authentic Father Christmas. Each Christmas commercial is a creative, competitive challenge, with brands looking to outdo each other for standout and popularity. Adverts are measured in stand out, social shares and share of voice, the best adverts get parodied as people make their own versions. To make those most admired, relevant, insightful ads demands big budgets and great people from the Producer and Director, the production team to the featured and supporting artists. The Christmas advert has become a tradition which is looked forward to just as much as Christmas Dinner, Christmas stamps, Christmas lights and the amazing window displays of the top department stores.

The anticipation surrounding each big brand Christmas Commercial grows each year and part of the art of successful advertising is casting both the main stars and the supporting artists. Mad Dog 2020 have supplied Father Christmas, crowds of shoppers, families, party crowds and featured artists for the big launches and with books reflecting diversity across the UK no matter how challenging the storyboard the creatives have come up with Mad Dog 2020 can help deliver the vision.

Mad Dog 2020 have a fantastic track record in casting for commercials, and especially for seasonal productions, and working on those commercials which make the best of list. Mad Dog 2020 have supplied artists for some of the biggest and best ads to-date. From the epic film produced by Burberry in 2016, John Lewis and Hennes, to Littlewoods and Sainsbury, we love the big productions, as gatherings of people come together to celebrate the festive season. After all, this is what Christmas is truly about.

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