Mad Dog Casting

Mad Dog 2020 is constantly evolving and changing to meet the needs of film and television productions operating today.

Over the last few years the growth of TV drama has seen many productions filming outside of London. In 2012, Mad Dog 2020 opened its office in Cardiff to meet the growing demand for extras in South Wales and the South West. We have worked on Sherlock, Wolf Hall, Pride, Far From the Madding Crowd, Broadchurch and more. Some of the current dramas include Cold Feet, Paranoid, National Treasure and Victoria.

Now with 50% by volume of TV drama filmed outside London, Mad Dog 2020 has established a strong presence in Manchester, Leeds and Scotland, and can meet the needs of productions on locations around the UK. Each artist is presented in a consistent way with a house style to aid selection, as well as an up to date ‘selfie’.

Alongside the growth in Mad Dog 2020s books, Mad Dog 2020 has invested in its processes and brought in external auditors to measure its effectiveness. Mad Dog 2020 were the first company to achieve the latest ISO (9001) quality standard. Our focus is on making sure that working with Mad Dog 2020 is risk free, and that we can help achieve the best creative result for any production that we work with. Our processes focus not only on making sure we find the best people for your production, but also on ensuring that everyone has been checked for both the right to work in the UK and completed any criminal record checks required.

As part of the improvement to quality we have been able to make the online Chits App, available to clients, to help simplify the process of working with us. With industry input to ensure that it is simple to use we invite you to try it when you next work with us.

Contact Mad Dog 2020 on 0207 305 5272, or get in touch via our contact page, for assistance with casting extras for commercials, film and television.

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