Screen Alliance Wales is a not-for-profit organisation teaching, informing and championing film and TV production in Wales. Based at Bad Wolf Studios in Cardiff, their location houses the likes of His Dark Materials and A Discovery of Witches, which we have been delighted to work with.

Screen Alliance Wales provide a catalogue of resources for those working in film and TV, promoting local talent, homegrown resources and supporting fellow creative networks within the industry. They work to educate and inspire young people to work within film and TV production in Wales, granting access to all areas to unrivalled resources, equipping the talent of the next generation of filmmakers.

“It’s been a difficult and unprecedented time for the production industry and in particular the impact on our facility companies. We can’t thank Mad Dog 2020 Casting enough for agreeing to be part of the SAW family of sponsors and supporting our activities at this critical time. We have already been in discussions on joint initiatives which will support the Education & Training project and we can’t wait to make a start!  Thank you again Mad Dog 2020 Casting!” – Allison Dowzell COO of Screen Alliance Wales.

Mad Dog 2020 Casting enjoy supporting and encouraging those that will have a hand in crafting the film and TV of tomorrow. We champion the broader education of younger generations and the teaching of all crafts and opportunities throughout film and TV.

We are proud to be sponsoring Screen Alliance Wales.

Visit the Screen Alliance Wales Website here.

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