• If one of the Mad Dog 2020 staff rings you please ring back, we will be waiting for your call. Remember to check voicemail first, so you ask for the right person.
  • Reply to Mad Dog 2020 messages at the earliest opportunity. If you are checking in for a job, we will be waiting for your response. If we are checking your availability, those who respond quickly and correctly are more likely to be put forward.
  • Being pencilled implies to us that you are keeping the dates FREE unless we hear otherwise.
  • You will be booked on the basis of the photographs we hold of you. We encourage people to maintain the ‘look’ they hold in this photograph. If you change your hairstyle dramatically, please indicate this on your profile and mention it in any messages.


  • Make sure you are near your phone the day before you are due on-set. We, or production may need to call you.
  • Ensure you read all of the details you have been given and CHECK IN.
  • Please remember that every background artist has been booked for a reason. If you do not show up for a booking, or pull out after being booked, you are letting us AND the production down and will consequently be removed from our books.
  • It is essential that you are always on time, regardless if it is for a fitting or a shoot.
  • Please make sure you follow costume, hair, beard, eyebrows and make up instructions properly, these instructions are to make sure you fit the style of the film.
  • Do not bring any valuables and bring as few belongings as possible.
  • No jewellery, no makeup, no nail varnish and no tan (unless you’ve been told otherwise)
  • Make sure you pre-plan your route to set. If the shoot is in London you can check the TFL website to plan your journey. For all shoots, you will be given the address, which can be checked on Google Maps.


  • It will take time to sign in, in the morning and out at the end of the day.  You MUST sign in and out – (i.e get a chit/release form in the morning and return it at the end of the day). This is how we know you worked and how you get paid.
  • Make sure you fill in your Name, address, telephone number and NI number on your chit/release form, and sign it to ensure you are paid.
  • You must do all the hours you’re needed for on-set, and stay until you are released.  The days may be longer than you expected so please be prepared for this. If you go over the set hours, you will be paid overtime.
  • You need to stay on-set, or where instructed by the AD’s (Assistant Directors) and runners, even if you are not being filmed. You may be needed later and you’re still being paid for your time.
  • Never take mobiles or cameras to set, leave them at the unit base.
  • Please don’t take any photographs during filming
  • VERY IMPORTANT: On all productions you will be bound by strict confidentiality. You must not share photographs or any information about the production on Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking or internet site. Failure to adhere to this will result in removal from the project, our books and possible legal action
  • Do not speak to or approach the main actors unless they approach you first.
  • If you are wearing a wig/hair accessory never remove it yourself.  Please wait for costume or makeup to remove it for you.
  • If you have any items from costume, make sure you return them at the end of the day.
  • The AD’s (assistant directors) are in charge and are there to look after you and your safety, and to ensure that filming goes smoothly.  Please listen to what they or the runners say.
  • If you need to leave set for any reason (to go to the toilet, to make a phone call, or for any other reason) please check with AD’s or runners first – you may be about to be called to set.
  • Please be professional – you are a representative of Mad Dog 2020.  Bad behaviour on-set or towards crew or fellow artists will reflect badly on you and us.  More often than not though, we get positive feedback from production – this makes us more likely to want to book you for future work!
  • Most of all, make sure you enjoy the day!
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