Mad Dog Casting

2019 was a wonderful year at Mad Dog 2020 Casting – we’ve expanded our teams up and down the UK, worked on some incredible productions and have even met some of our fantastic artists and clients along the way!  On top of that, 2019 also saw the release of some of our favourite projects we’ve worked on, from Spiderman: Far from Home to Aladdin, Gentleman Jack to Sex Education and Doctor Who to His Dark Materials.

A HUGE thank-you to our superb Supporting Artists who have been incredibly reliable and hardworking throughout 2019 – From travelling across the country to make shoots in far-flung locations, attending castings, shaving their heads and wearing crazy costumes on set – You have brought countless productions to life!

Mad Dog 2020’s Highlights

“My favourite moment of 2019 was flying in a mini propeller plane from Stansted to Dundee to visit the set of TRACES – I felt like the Rock in a big blockbuster film!” Jill – Head of Scotland & North England

“I’ve had the opportunity to visit the most unbelievable sets this year which has been so exciting, as well as meeting our lovely artists on set!” Abi – Casting Assistant

“I loved booking SA’s to recreate the pivotal scenes surrounding the Who Wants to be a Millionaire scandal with Charles Ingram from back in 2001 and there were some great large crowd days.  I can’t wait for it to come out on ITV soon!” Jess – Senior Project Manager

“My highlight of 2019 was joining the Mad Dog 2020 team.  My favourite production was The Nest which was a great production to work on as it was all set and filmed in my hometown of Glasgow”.  MaryFrances – Casting Assistant

“I love working on Doctor Who – I’m such a fan! I was trying to figure out possible storylines based on the characters we had to cast,  it’s always really fun to try and piece everything together” Hannah – Project Manager

Memorable moments

We’ve booked our SA’s onto some weird and wonderful roles throughout 2019 including Disney and Marvel photoshoots, a Lewis Capaldi Music Video and a real-life hidden camera commercial.  Here are just some of our memorable moments from 2019:

· Casting SA’s in music videos for 3 out of 5 members of One Direction

· Providing a professional String quartet for a huge new BBC show coming in 2020

· Welcoming 5 new staff members to Mad Dog 2020 across the UK

· Enjoying Olivia Coleman’s Academy Award acceptance speech for The Favourite

· Working on Netflix’s Sex Education, the 4th most popular release of 2019

· Re-locating our Scotland Office to bigger premises

· Providing incredible SA’s on His Dark Materials, the most successful launch of a drama on British TV in the last 5 years with around 7.2 Million viewers

· Registering new Supporting Artists across multiple locations across the UK

· BAFTA announcing the introduction of an award for Casting from 2020

· Casting many obscure roles such as “Alien running with milkshake”!

· Continuing to cast for the longest-running Sci-fi show on Television of all time, Doctor Who


Thank you to our wonderful Artists, clients and staff who have made 2019 the best year yet.  Here’s to a terrific 2020!

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