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The UK’s production sector saw continued growth in 2016, with the film industry alone witnessing the highest spend since records began some 20 years ago; a 13% increase on the previous year.

While the UK’s global reputation as a leading destination for film and TV production strengthens, and with UK box offices enjoying yet another successful year, 2016 claimed yet another record for inward investment to the UK from film and TV production. [Source]

As the entertainment industry looks set to continue its rapid growth, and with increasing numbers of production companies setting up across the UK, the capacity to shoot more and more productions per day grows simultaneously.

At any one time, an Extras Casting Agency can be working on a multitude or projects across film, TV and commercials. Our Project Managers here at Mad Dog 2020 can often find themselves managing hundreds of people every day, and so we understand how critical communication is in ensuring the smooth running of any project.

It is this understanding and our value of client and artist satisfaction that encouraged the development of our Artist Support department.

So, what is Artist Support, and why should you be aware of it?

Artist Support at Mad Dog 2020 is the communication between Mad Dog 2020, and our artists. Our Head of Artist Support, Morgan Grant, works hard to improve communication between the project managers and the artists with the aim of ensuring both are satisfied when it comes to filming.

As the ‘middle man’, our Artist Support liaises between both our in-house team and our extensive database of over 10,000 registered artists. Artists Support frees up the Project Managers so they can focus on working with production clients, making sure that we can respond to the requirements from any production quickly and efficiently.

Artist Support at Mad Dog 2020 ensures that artists understand whether or not they are booked and especially that if they are not required they are told as early as possible.

Watch the latest video, as Head of Artist Support, Morgan Grant, discusses his position further, and the role that communication plays in ensuring a successful end result.

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