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In a growing industry with more demand for authenticity than ever before, focus is greatly shifting from the right look to the right people. Here at Mad Dog 2020, we are regularly handed briefs that require real people for a production. It is no longer enough to look the part; in today’s world, you must epitomise the character, whoever that may be.

Our Casting Executives know a thing or two about sourcing real people. At Mad Dog 2020, we have thousands of them on our books; each with different skills, life experiences, and looks. And while our books do consist of professional and trained actors, most of our registered artists are simply real people with an interest in film and TV, and who have the flexibility to fit around shooting schedules.

Our real people are able to take direction and are used to being both on set and in still shoots, saving time and budget. And if we don’t have the ‘real person’ for you on our books, Mad Dog 2020 will hold street castings to find the right extra for your brief.  Mad Dog 2020 are also able to advise on fees for the people involved and ensure that the rights usage fees are fair.

Mad Dog 2020 supplied the people who took part in the Uber campaign against the proposed five minute wait. The extras who took part did not know what the set up was, so all reactions are genuine. View the campaign here:

Mad Dog 2020 similarly sourced real people for the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign. The authenticity of the campaign inspired both those getting involved in sport, and those delivering sport. The women featured have a genuine passion for, and participate regularly, in these sports.

Using real people within your campaign brings authenticity and genuine reactions which are different from a scripted role using professional actors. Finding the right people who can extend your campaign in stills photography, online and potentially in PR means that you need to find people who match with the demographics you need, but also people who may already use your product or service.  When done well, authentic engagement can be achieved, allowing the artist to connect with an audience on an emotional level.

While professional actors can often propel your story to new heights, sometimes you just cannot beat the real thing.

For assistance with authenticity, real people or genuine reactions for your production, get in touch with Mad Dog 2020 today. Visit our contact page or call us on 0207 269 7910.

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