As we start to see productions gradually return to set, there are now several factors to consider when it comes to providing Supporting Artists.  One thing that has not changed is the booking process at Mad Dog 2020 Casting.  We continue to take pride in casting, providing our clients with detailed look books tailored to the requirement of each brief. We’ve also adapted to the new on set requirements that have been introduced in recent weeks.

Commercials, Idents and Internal Videos

Mad Dog 2020 Casting is known for working on some of the most popular film and TV productions made in the UK and beyond. Did you know that we also regularly provide SA’s for a catalogue of commercials, media content and idents? We’ve worked with big-name brands such as McDonald’s, Disney and Deliveroo as well as internal videos for some huge global organisations.

Commercials Project Manager Niyoni has been casting several commercials in lockdown:

“I’ve worked on a variety of commercial productions in recent weeks, from internal videos to jewellery and alcohol brands.  Production companies are undertaking good health and safety measures on set and it’s comforting to know they are treating Artist safety as a priority.  We know our Artists are keen to get back to set and the gradual increase in productions is good news for the industry and SA’s too”.

Zoflora Commercial

We recently worked on the Zoflora commercial which was filmed from the comfort of some SA’s homes. The production company sent filming equipment along with detailed instructions to each SA. They then filmed their part without a crew member entering their home.  Is a work from home approach going to be something we see more of in the future?  We are not sure of the answer for now, but we love the new commercial!

New Production Requirements

We have seen a number of new requirements for those productions considering filming in the coming weeks and months.  Some productions require Artists to sign COVID-19 declarations to confirm they are well and have not been in contact with anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms.  We have also seen a trend in productions requiring drivers or providing private transport. This minimises the number of people working on set using public transport.  As well as this, some productions are requesting Artists from the same household, giving them the opportunity to work with friends and family.

As every production is different, we know they will be operating slightly differently depending on their individual requirements.  In each case, our Project Managers will ensure that the selection and booking process runs as smooth as ever. Our extensive catalogue of experienced Supporting Artists will certainly bring your production to life.  Visit our contact us page or call us on 0207 269 7910 to discuss your brief.

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