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 Last summer we announced an extension to the booking period for 2020 to allow Artists to make the most of their annual book fee. Today, we can confirm that Mad Dog 2020 Casting is extending the booking period by a further three months until 30th June 2021.

At the height of the covid-19 pandemic in mid-2020, there were fewer opportunities than normal for Supporting Artists for a period of nearly 4 months. By extending the booking period renewal by a total of 6 months, we are allowing our Artists to make the most of their book fee payment made in 2020.

Supporting Artists who have already paid their book fee in 2020 (taken from the first job of each calendar year) will not have a book fee payment taken in 2021 until after 30th June 2021. We do not charge a book fee unless you are booked and work on a production and would never ask for Artists to pay a book fee upfront without the guarantee of work.

If you become booked on your first job in 2021 (before 30th June) having not received a booking in 2020, your book fee will be deducted from this first booking of the year, as normal. Mad Dog 2020 Casting will continue to work on putting you forward for roles that you fit the requirements for, so ensure you check out our Tuesday Tips on social media and keep your profile up to date. Having a fully complete profile ensures the best chance of being put forward and selected by production on upcoming jobs.

If you are a Supporting Artist with us and have any queries regarding the above, please contact Artist Support for assistance.

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