If you’re anything like the Mad Dog 2020 Team, if you’re not eating, you’re thinking about food! If that is you, read on for some iconic food seen on screen and some recipes to fulfil the cravings it will no doubt trigger:

Matilda – Bruce Bogtrotter’s Chocolate Cake

There is lots to love about the family classic ‘Matilda’ but this iconic scene really makes us hungry for cake (maybe not a whole one) and if you fancy some baking, you can find the recipe for Bruce Bogtrotter’s ‘punishingly’ good cake here: RECIPE. This scene reportedly took so long to shoot that the call sheet’s start and finish times were an infinity symbol.

Chef – Cuban Sandwich

Not for those doing Veganuary! An easy indie film by Jon Favreau, ‘Chef’ will have you salivating for this meat heavy sandwich, originating in Florida USA. Such a success were the promotional events around the fictional food truck ‘El Jefe’ that star and director, Jon Favreau and chef, Roy Choi have held a number of pop up restaurants following the film. Get your Cuban sandwich fix here: RECIPE

Lady and The Tramp – meatball spaghetti

Perhaps one of the most iconic scenes in any Disney film let alone in the film itself, Walt Disney reportedly didn’t want to include the spaghetti eating scene in the film. According to imdb.com, meatballs were not readily available in Italy at the time this movie takes place (1955) and they were only really a staple of Italian cuisine when Italian Immigrants went over to the states where beef was cheaper. Though they may be animated in this, if you’re in the mood for some real spaghetti, here is the perfect recipe: RECIPE (veggie option: RECIPE)

It’s Complicated – Pain Au Chocolat

Not many people have their own bakery to pop in to for a midnight snack but ‘It’s Complicated’ makes you wish you did! Wouldn’t we all like to make fresh Pain Au Chocolat with Steve Martin and Meryl Streep, however, if Steve and Meryl aren’t around and you fancy a bit of pastry, pop your oven on and give this recipe a go: RECIPE

Julie & Julia – Beef Bourguignon

Meryl Streep’s 16th Oscar nomination saw her once again playing a cook. Writer, Director and Producer, Nora Ephron insisted that the cast eat the food for real to ensure genuine reactions to the dishes – tough life of an actor! The signature dish from this movie is perfect for a wintery January day, so if you fancy labouring over a beef bourguignon, give this recipe a go: RECIPE (veggie option: RECIPE)

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