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The extras casting industry, like many other media sectors, has become a hot topic of conversation to ensure ethnic minorities are represented.

Much has been written about the need for increased diversity across film, television and commercials, and extras casting agencies are being asked to ensure that quotas are representative of the areas that the productions are set in.

Working hard to keep up with the needs of the UK’s booming film and TV production industry extras need to be available to represent all ethnicities. Global film production needs to source extras from all over the world to appear in the latest Hollywood blockbusters, as well as represent modern Britain.

But while on-screen diversity is slowly growing, there is still a way to go. Despite a heightened level of consciousness, with ethnic minorities now better represented across film, television and commercials, areas such as sexuality and surprisingly, gender, are seen to be falling behind.

From sexuality and religion to abilities and disabilities, a lack of representation of the modern day society in the background of productions creates a lack of authenticity. It is this authenticity and level of believability that allows us to become immersed in the production.

Here at Mad Dog 2020, we work closely with production companies to make certain that the faces that we see on our television screens, in the latest films and on commercials represent the modern Britain that we live in today. We also provide African Tribes, Russian Choirs, Caribbean Pirates, 1920’s New Yorkers, often in large numbers, and whatever the next brief requires.

Mad Dog 2020 offer a vast and diverse library of artists for film, television and commercials. With artists from all walks of life and communities, Mad Dog 2020 are committed to finding the perfect face(s) for you.

If we don’t already have the ideal extra for you on our books, our team of experienced Casting Executives will outsource talented artists to fit your brief, no matter how obscure or challenging.


Contact Mad Dog 2020 on 0207 305 5272, or get in touch via our contact page, for assistance with casting extras for commercials, film and television. 

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