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As the productions industry evolves, and with growing demand for everything from diversity to authenticity, extras casting for film, TV and commercials can be quite a feat.

Extras Casting Agencies are no longer just expected to hold a strong artist list, but are required to, should they have any chance of keeping up in today’s competitive market. So, how do Mad Dog 2020 stay ahead of the crowd?

Mad Dog 2020 has its very own unique database of over 10,000 artists from all walks of life and communities, who are fully registered on our books right now.

In addition to this 10,000 strong database, we have access to many more talented artists who have applied to be extras on our book, and are currently on the waiting list.

Committed to sourcing the perfect face(s) for your production, should we be unable to fill a brief from our main book, our Casting Executives can quickly and simply get in touch with these artists. This means that for most Film and TV productions, and commercials we can find the right people, who are available, very quickly.

Having our very own unique database allows us to not only control the quality of our books; ensuring that the artists that we’re presenting to our clients and putting forward for walk on and featured roles are reliable and experienced, but also enables us to ensure the level of diversity that production companies are today looking for. Whether the call is for a particular nationality, skill, or look, period or contemporary, the Mad Dog 2020 team can source great people who meet the brief.

While Mad Dog 2020 are confident in their unique artist database, if we don’t already have the ideal extra for you on our book or waiting list, our team of experienced Casting Executives will source talented extras to fit your brief, no matter how obscure or challenging.

Watch the video as Senior Project Manager, Hattie Mark discusses Mad Dog 2020’s unique artist database.

To learn more about how Mad Dog 2020 can assist you with casting extras for your production, and to view our full portfolio, get in touch today!

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