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Completing your profile – how & why

With the introduction of our new app, updating and completing your Mad Dog 2020 profile has never been easier. We know you are keen to receive work and we are keen to give it to you! The best way for us to be able to do this is to know as much about you as possible. Many people have already switched to using the app which makes managing your profile much simpler.

Here is a short guide on how to optimize your chances of getting on set:


DBS checks are not compulsory but very useful to have. Productions with children on set and more often than not, all BBC jobs, require all on set to have a Basic Disclosure Check. These are simple to obtain and we recommend They can take a few weeks to arrive so if you don’t have one, it is unlikely you’d be able to take a job that requires one without already having it. If you work in education, healthcare or similar fields, it is very likely that you already have one with your employer – ask them for a copy. You do not need a separate one. Once you have one, upload a jpeg copy of it to your profile and we can verify it on our system for you. Please note that Basic Disclosures expire after 18 months and we accept both basic and advanced disclosures.

Skills & Languages

From the basic to extraordinary, we are often asked for all sorts of talents that sometimes go beyond the realm of imagination! Whether you’re a pro or just at basic level, let us know your hobbies and experience – this makes it a lot easier for us to offer you really interesting jobs. From driving to acrobatics and crying on cue to ballroom dancing, we want to know what you can do. If a skill doesn’t appear in the drop-down menu, select ‘other’ and put down your talent. If you have military, police or medical experience, we are commonly asked for these so please do save these if applicable. To give you an idea of the variety we’re looking for – Most recently we have been asked for body contortionists, double dutch and fell runners!


If you own any kind of costume, we want to know. From military and police to cocktail dresses and tuxedos, productions often ask for supporting artists to provide their own wardrobe, so to save us time, do let us know if you have certain items in your wardrobe already. Please do not feel the need to go out and buy or rent costumes – it is only for what your already have!

Ethnic Look/Origin

This section is very important, in order for us to be able send appropriate options to productions. Please use your discretion with this section. Ethnic Origin is in relation to your genuine origin whereas Ethnic Look does not have to be your true ethnicity. If you feel you can genuinely pass for another ethnicity, please feel free to tick the box for it.


We all know these can change from time to time! However, it is very important that they are accurate. Honesty is the best policy here as a long day on set in a costume that is too small is no good for anyone. It also doesn’t look good if we send artists along to fittings and the costume department has been forwarded the wrong measurements. If you attend registration, we will take these measurements for you and lock them in to your profile. If they change, email us at

Hair Colour/Style

If you change your hair colour from time to time, please be sure to keep this up to date on your profile, as well as providing good quality selfies showing your current look. If you have unnaturally coloured hair, please check the ‘multi-coloured’ box. If you have a natural colour, please state in the ‘hair style’ box if it is dyed.

Tattoos & Piercings

Often people think tattoos and piercings will hinder their chances of getting work but in this industry, it is often quite the opposite! We have had 100’s of punks on a particular production where we needed heavily tattooed men and women with dreadlocks and obvious piercings, so please do let us know if you have any. There is no need to go in to a lot of detail but please let us know the general area of your tattoos and piercings (no need to disclose tattoos and piercings hidden by underwear). Please still disclose if you have ear lobe piercings even if you don’t wear earrings as it is beneficial. Please also upload pictures of your tattoos, where appropriate e.g. hand tattoos.

Right to work in the UK Documents

Please ensure you have uploaded a jpeg image of your Passport (photo page) or birth certificate (if you are from a country outside of the EU, please also upload an image of your visa permit.)

Bank details

We are not able to process payment to you unless you have upload your bank details. Please note that it must be a UK bank account. These details are highly secure and we are not able to access them, only you can do this. We are also not able to process payment without a National Insurance number.


You are free to put any information in this section that you feel will be relevant to being a supporting artist. Whether it is past film/TV/Commercial credits, experience or anything else you want us to know about you, please do note it down in this section.


Selfies are really important for keeping us updated on your current look. Uploading your selfie has never been easier with our Mad Dog 2020 Extras app (available on iOS and Android). Simply take a selfie on your mobile device and directly upload it to your photo gallery.

Please see the following guidelines for what we are looking for when requesting selfies:

  1. NO Instagram/Snapchat filters or any other kind of editing – the whole point of needing selfies is for them to be candid representations of your current self.
  2. Please make sure they are high quality (good lighting)
  3. Please make sure it is just you in the picture
  4. Selfies are generally shoulders and up
  5. No heavy make-up
  6. Plain background
  7. Passport-style photo guidelines are generally good ones to follow.
  8. Fairly neutral facial pose – no pouting or laughing
  9. No hats
  10. If you need glasses, please do wear them
  11. No mirror selfies
  12. Actual selfies – not professional headshots

Other useful photos to have on your profile are:

  • Hand photos (back of hand and palm)
  • Smiling with teeth (good teeth not necessary!)
  • If you wear glasses, please have a selection with and without
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