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Mad Dog 2020 has been able to offer paperless payment for some time. However, our vision has always been a high quality, intuitive, solution, which has been tried and tested by productions.

Here at Mad Dog 2020, we have invested in the development of a straightforward system; our online Chits app, and have worked with experienced Production Accountants and Assistant Directors to develop the best possible solution.

The Chits App is a new offering from Mad Dog 2020, working for both crew and accountants in terms of being easy to operate, and providing them with all the information that they need. The app works alongside existing Mad Dog 2020 systems allowing the Project Managers to set up the project information so that it integrates with the Chits app.

No longer are accounts departments required to deal with piles of pink papers; the Chits. They now instead simply log into the app with a username and password provided by us.

It’s an extremely exciting system focused on ease for client and artist alike. As the client, you can apply the payment breakdown for all extras, in one touch. Aside from saving paper, the main benefit is that payment processing is substantially quicker for both us and you.

The feedback that we’ve received from the clients already has been very positive. They’ve been really surprised by how simple it is to use, and how it has made signing out artists much quicker, avoiding the end of the day queues. Signing out, and signing off day rates is done on a IPad which can be provided by Mad Dog 2020.

The Chits app works for everybody. Supporting artists signing off their payments can quickly and easily spot any discrepancies, allowing these to be resolved on the day or the day after.

To learn more about how Mad Dog 2020 do paperless payment, and to discover why you should be using our Chits App, watch the latest video.

mad dog casting chits app

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