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With the volume of TV and film drama being produced in the UK growing, and the diversity of people needed to create the style and authenticity required for each production, Street Casting is rising in popularity as a means of widening the offering of faces that an agency can put forward to their client.

But what is Street Casting and how often do Mad Dog 2020 get involved in this?

Street Casting is the process whereby we, as an Extras Casting Agency, go into an area or location where we require a specific type of artist for a brief.

We will look to find people that embody the spirit, character or the demographic required, in order to present those options to our client. When presenting these options, we are able to present the client with a real insight into how the world of the production could look.

Here at Mad Dog 2020, we get involved in Street Casting events whenever we receive a large feature film project, or when a trickier or more specific brief is required. Street Casting is a great way of expanding our books with faces that we perhaps have a limited representation of.

Often it will be a general brief, for example our Casting Executives might be looking for extras in a particular location. However, we often hold Street Casting events for more specific and challenging briefs. In these cases, we will go into particular community groups where this demographic might be. We go into the streets with flyers and approach these people with the aim of signing them up as an applicant.

Our Street Casting events tend to be extremely busy and filled with excitement. We see a range of interesting faces and diverse types of people, which is particularly important in bringing TV, film and commercials to life.

While outreach happens on a daily basis here at Mad Dog 2020, inviting people from the local community down, is often for bigger projects.

Street Casting

Mad Dog 2020 offer a vast and diverse library of artists for film, television and commercials. With artists from all walks of life and communities, Mad Dog 2020 are committed to finding the perfect face(s) for you.

If we don’t already have the ideal extra for you on our books, our team of experienced Casting Executives will outsource talented artists to fit your brief, no matter how obscure or challenging.

Contact Mad Dog 2020 on 0207 305 5272, or get in touch via our contact page, for assistance with casting extras for commercials, film and television.

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